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Medusa Games is based in Birmingham UK and is developing board and card games. Currently we have several game projects we are working on. Our first game was released in 2010.

The Nine Worlds

Tinker Tailor

The Nine worlds of Norse and Anglo-Germanic myth is the battle ground for this area control game.

Players struggle to take control of The Nine Worlds, spending action points to add or remove armies, move them between the worlds or banish them to Helheim.

Control of a world gives access to World Powers players can use to win the game.

Victory relates to the numbers of armies players have in the Nine Worlds along with controlling or disputing control of as many worlds as possible.

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Tinker Tailor is a role picking and set gathering card game for 3 to 6 players suitable as a Family Game or a light filler game. The aim of the game is to get the most points. Points are collected in the form of Money Cards or Good Cards.  

The more Goods Cards a player owns (up to a maximum of 8) of a given type, the greater the value of the cards. Players also get a bonus for gathering a Collection of all 5 goods (Bread, Fish, Cloth, Wine and Gems).

Each turn each player will select one role which defines the action they can take.

The players who make the best choices and uses their actions to the greatest advantage will win the game.

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Video introduction to the Game - Who Dares Rolls
Reviews of the game.

Great Fire: London 1666

Magnificent Flying Machines

The players are men of wealth and standing who own property around London. They can use the trained bands to fight the fire, use demolitions to destroy blocks of housing to prevent the fire flowing or turn a blind eye and allow the fire to spread and damage rival’s property. Victory can belong to the player with the most property left but putting out fires can give you a boost. In addition each player will have several hidden objectives which might include helping another player or protecting parts of the city.

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Using the game to teach children. Here are some notes.
Are you a teacher - email me for details of discounted school rates.

Great Fire was released in October 2010

More about the Game. Gallery of Images

Interview about the game on Radio WM

Video of Richard talking about the game at Essen






This game takes inspiration from the great air races of circa 1908 to 1913 which took place in the pioneering era of Air travel. These air races galvanised interest across the world and encouraged by generous prizes by Newspapers and other sponsors attracted international entries. Air travel was risky and most unreliable. Often only a small number of the entrants would make it to the finish line.

Will one of your pilots manage to face up to the challenge?  But watch out: In this era of gentlemanly behaviour and stiff upper lips there are a few cads and bounders who will cheat to win.

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