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The Great Museum

3 to 5 players Circa 120mins
Players take on the roles of the owners of the world’s great museums. They vie with each other to build the best museums in the world by collecting artefacts – jewellery, statues, sarcophagi, inscriptions, weapons and  Pottery. These are collected in the regional Halls of the museum: one for each of the continents.

You also build special global collections such as weapons from round the world and regional collections such as pottery from Asia. You also will be able to collect one main attraction for your museum – an artefact of global significance such as the Complete Works of Shakespeare or the sword of Julius Caesar.

Finally each museum will be aiming to complete their own  unique display dictated by their benefactor. All of these activities brings your museum prestige to set it above the rest. The best managed museum will win the game.

Some Prototype Artwork: